How we work

We are a IP business. Our prime outputs are IPs from R&D projects. Typically through partnerships with other businesses and organisations, we develop the IPs into commercial offerings for different markets.

Exploitation routes for our own IPs

We have a flexible approach towards IP exploitation and are happy to discuss a wide range of possibilities. For our software IPs, some possible exploitation pathways include:

  • IP licensing
  • Software white labelling
  • Transaction based royalty
  • Self-operated SaaS
  • Spin-out companies

Which pathway to choose depends on the technology and sector. Please email us to discuss further.

Shared IPs

We also generate shared IPs with collaborators. These are often the results of collaborative research projects.

IP arrangement in commercial projects

Our expertise and track records in a range of industries are valuable for our customers. By using our commercial R&D service, our clients benefit from faster route to market with enhanced quality of delivery. These include not only our technical expertise and a wide network of partnerships in a range of intelligent automation sectors but also professional background and experience in managing and delivering high tech projects. For the activities that align with our strategic priority, for example our internal IP roadmap, it also means that our customers can benefit from reduced project costs and the IPs developed previously for similar problems.

We also undertake full commercial research and development projects for our clients, meaning that the clients pay for the outputs, e.g. IPs, from the projects. In these cases, our clients have the full rights and ownership of the IPs.