Horizon Europe

At Chilton, we are excited about the Horizon Europe programme, the ambitious EU research & innovation framework programme for 2021-2027 with a budget of €95.5 billion, nearly 20% more fund were allocated to ensure Europe stays at the forefront of technological and scientific innovations in the global landscape.

We look forward to the great opportunities to work and collaborate with the fantastic European innovators, friends and colleagues. Our team has put together some basic information about Chilton and its offerings. Should you be interested in exploring collaborations with us, please email us at: info@chiltoncomputing.co.uk .

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Chilton Computing – background

Chilton Computing was founded to make intelligent imaging accessible and affordable. We build next generation automation services using AI, AR, and computer vision, innovations that can deliver 10x productivity improvements while being accurate, reliable, and highly efficient at the same time. As a deep tech company, we specialise in integrated AI-powered computer vision systems to enable cost-effective high-throughput automated operations for diverse applications.

Award winning – UK national R&D competition winner

  • Waste sort & segregation using industrial automation, robotics, and AI
  • Cybersecurity for securing IoT devices in next generation smart transport infrastructure for autonomous driving
  • Next generation mobility service management (EVs, autonomous vehicles and drones)

A highly multidisciplinary team of experts

  • 20+ years’ experience in developing, managing, and delivering R&D projects with background in leading universities and national labs
  • Experience in leading high-tech project involving multi-national companies
  • Machine learning and deep learning for computer vision applications
  • Mechanical design for motion control systems and robotics
  • Electronics for industrial automation, PLC and SCADA platforms for production lines

Great experience with European R&D landscape

  • Contributing to European programmes since 2007
  • Experience in H2020 for ICT, space, and societal challenges programmes
  • Wide network with UK and European research institutions and companies

Applications of our real-time automation technologies

  • Sub-centimetre accurate physical characterisations of contaminated objects (size, dimension, geometry, surface, volume, density, and classification etc)
  • Mobile touchless verification and control (construction, hospitality, theme park)
  • Privacy-aware human-space interactions for museums, entertainment, and STEM activities
  • Sort, segregate, and classification of goods and waste

A strong and rapidly growing partnership network and commercial collaborators