Remote Healthcare Monitoring

ADA-UK: Remote Healthcare Monitoring powered by Network Intelligence and Automation

The increasing demand on health and social care services, combined with ageing population and a need to focus on preventative approaches has given rise to the popularity of digital health monitoring and virtual consultations. Despite much encouraging progress made, significant risks and challenges remain in the wider scale adoption of these technologies. It is estimated that over 40% of healthcare organisations expect to recruit staff with new skills to support virtual ward offerings. Many solutions on the market focus on making remote data available. Whilst this is important, they offer limited capabilities to cope with practical challenges, such as poor/limited connectivity, time-consuming administrative operations, and increasingly complex patient conditions. This adds additional workloads to the already over-stretched workforce. As a result, many health and social care providers can only offer limited digital support.

Recognising the urgency as well as the opportunity, ADA-UK focuses on developing and demonstrating a next-gen social care service solution using 5G, AI and AR/wearables. We will deliver the ADA healthcare platform, a set of coordinated 5G-enabled healthcare services that employ AI, AR and automation throughout applications and the network to improve user experience and enhance workforce productivity.

The main output is an AR-based social care service demonstrator powered by 5G network intelligence and Edge AI services. It consists of a next-generation remote healthcare monitoring software platform designed for social care service delivery, an xApp built upon OpenRAN/RIC for network optimisation, and AI-powered automation for seamless interactions with healthcare record and health IoT systems.

This project has the potential to be the catalyst to trigger step changes responding to the urgent frontline healthcare needs whilst building on competitive deep tech innovations from 5G, AI and AR. It can also lead to potential impacts across other collaborating nations, helping the partnering British SMEs to develop and accelerate their product and services export readiness.

To deliver this disruptive technology project, the UK team has brought together a spectrum of technology value chain partners covering 1) 5G; 2) AI/ML; and 3) AR/wearable application software. To maximise its commercial potential in digital healthcare, ADA partners and their networks also cover end-to-end healthcare value chains, including healthcare organisations, care homes, healthcare technology developers, providers and integrators, and finally 5G tech vendors and suppliers.

Funded by InnovateUK 2024-2027, UK’s national innovation agency.

ADA-UK consortium: Chilton Computing Ltd, Flying River Ltd, Buckinghamshire New University