UK Research Funding for Research-Intensive Businesses

UK Research Funding for Research-Intensive Businesses

October 29, 2023 Funding Basics, UK Funding CC Admin

How do you find research funding for businesses? There are a number of funding agencies for research-intensive businesses in the UK. Although there are a large number of funding agencies in the UK, not all of them are for businesses.

Here is a simple taxonomy for the funding schemes available for UK organisations under the InnovateUK funding programme. A typical InnovateUK funded project is led by a UK registered business. This is a mandatory requirement because the programme is supported by UK tax payer’s money. Please check the latest competition doc for the most up-to-date requirements.

Funding TypeMinimum number of UK partnerMinimum number of nationsUK consortium Funding cap (£)Typical Funding Rate
Eureka Cluster Programme
Typically, 2-4 countries
600K per grant
(2022 ITEA cluster)
Project size = grant/0.7 = £857K (assuming funding rate is 70%)
For-profit business: 70%
Non-for-profit / University / RTO: 100%
Eureka Eurostar Programme 12
(max = 2)
360K per grantFor-profit business: 60%
Non-for-profit / University / RTO: 100%

HorizonEurope is a major funding scheme for UK organisations too, including academics/universities, research institutes, charities, non-for-profit, and for-profit companies. Here is a table of HorizonEurope Funding schemes that are available to UK companies and organisations. Please check the latest competition doc for the most up-to-date requirements and specific eligibility criteria etc)

Funding TypeDirect Costs (Labour)€kIndirect Costs (overhead)€kTotal Costs – €kFunding RateGrant – €k
Research and Innovation Action (RIA)

All types of orgnisations
Innovation Action (IA)

For-profit organisations
Innovation Action (IA)

Non-for-profit organisations

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