Vision: We believe in the transformative power of technology and the vast potential that smart technology offers to communities and individuals, enabling a responsible, fair, and sustainable society for all.

Mission: We engineer technology innovations that deliver measurable values in businesses and society, accelerating the world’s transformation into a more sustainable future.

We are innovators ourselves, who have involved deeply in many innovation-driven projects through many years of involvements in national and international R&D initiatives, from working with leading universities in the UK to contributing to international cooperations between the UK and other nations. The transformative power of innovations can only be realised through making them accessible to people, the innovators who have the passion, ability, vision, and perseverance to deliver them to the world we live in.

They can be scientists, clinicians, council workers, and engineers who may not have access to cutting edge technologies that could really make a difference in the timescale and resources required to develop and deliver their innovations. This is where we come in. This is where we believe our capabilities can really make a real difference!

Why this matters?

The ability to work with and help innovators to achieve their world-transforming innovations is in our gene and we have many years of experience of doing these! Now, we bring these many years of multidisciplinary innovation development capabilities into R&D process and commercialisation to drive our customers’ successes.

They can not only benefit from cutting edge technologies at an accelerated timescale but also access an optimised process of multidisciplinary team and project management capability that is crucial to deliver complex technology-driven innovations.

A proud winner of InnovateUK funded R&D initiatives

In the short journey of the company, we have won four InnovateUK funded R&D projects via competitive national funding programme. Now in 2022, we have built up a proud track record of developing and researching AI powered technologies for a variety of sectors, including smart transport, cybersecurity, nuclear, healthcare, and medical regulatory compliance.

Collaboration is the key to successful innovations

As one of the leading R&D intensive SMEs in the UK, we are proud to be able to continue to build up this portfolio of technology assets and keen to bring these into our collaborations and partnerships to benefit our collaborators, and partners, accelerating their innovation journey.

Digital technology is the key to drive transformative outcomes

AI and digital automation are innovations that have a transformative potential to bring about 10x productivity improvements while being affordable, reliable, and highly efficient at the same time. We are witnessing this starting to happen in many industries.

As an innovative R&D service company, Chilton is committed to

  • Develop technology using a customer-first and socially responsible approach
  • Deliver quality, professional, and value-added services
  • Our customers are our partners in the long term

A changing world

Our world is changing and the change is accelerating. Technology is a key enabling tool to transform the society into a smarter and greener future, achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set out by the United Nation. We are committed to contribute to these goals in our journey of building Chilton Computing, playing our active part.